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Update 1/2018


Sorry that I have disappeared from the art scene for awhile.

I have had an odd diagnosis that has required time to learn

how to manage.

I hope to be a bit more creative this year: returning to doing

Spring and Fall demonstrations at the Folk Art Center.

There are several framed "painted quilts" currently available,

at the Folk art center, and at my studio.

Call for an appointment.





"Unspoken Wishes"

 32" x 33" framed





mixed-media using recycled

materials,  36"x22"

        Rituals and relics p


Can We Learn from Birds?

Ah, the things we might learn from chickadees, Carolina wrens, robins, cardinals and goldfinches. Find a soul mate.  Build a nest. Teach your children to fly. Live in a Garden.  Fly south for the winter!

Birds fascinate me and fuel my imagination, and how I wish I could fly with them! These painted quilts incorporate some of the things I think about while bird watching

My nest images are constructions of sewing thread and painted sticks.  There is hope for tomorrow in those nestled golden eggs.

You may also purchase my nesting bird images as giclee prints here.

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