"Unspoken Wishes"

 32" x 33" framed


"Fly South for the Winter"

painted quilt 40" x 30 "

Fly South for the Winter

Rituals and relics p        

News and Upcoming Events

Calendar update 4/2016

Spring 2016


Folk Art Center Demo Days

May 25th - May 28th 2016

My painted quilt "Rituals and Relics" included in the show RADICAL ELEMENTS will travel to two new venues.

The Ruth Funk Center for Textile Art

Melbourne, Fl

May 28th - Aug 27th, 2016

International Museum of Art and Science

McAllen, TX

Sept 24th - Jan 8th 2017


Fall 2016

Folk Art Center Demonstration  Days

October 26th - October 30th






Painted Quilts

What inspires me as an artist, in particular an art quilt artist? First and foremost, it's the natural world.  My studio in the western North Carolina Mountains provides unending visual inspiration for my painted quilts. The way the light and shadows play in the trees and on the mountain outside my front door; observing the diverse species of birds that sing around my feeders, watching butterflies feed in my garden--these things bring me joy and creativity.

I am intrigued by found objects, things most people would simply throw away. I include them in my art quilts for a very unusual effect. See how old computer parts and cancelled stamps become art materials in my quilted wall hangings.

Sometimes things in life happen that interrupt my best laid plans, a friend's illness or a reminder of mother earth's fragility. The results are very personal art quilts, quilts that heal, that provide shields of protection.

© 2016 Bernie Rowell
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