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News and Upcoming Events

Calendar update 8/14

Fall 2014

Folk Art Center Demonstration  October 19th - 21st!


I will be demonstrating my painted quilt techniques each day in the entrance lobby from 10 - 4. Nature inspired originals, several new bird prints, and cards for sale.

Sunday October 19th - Tuesday October 21st



October 24th, 2014

I have been selected to present this years

Arida Arts Symposium, an exhibit, demonstration, and lecture

at Blue Ridge Community College.



Class: Print - Collage- Stitch Layered Imagery on Cloth

at John C. Campbell Folk School

June 14 - 20, 2015




Painted Quilts

What inspires me as an artist, in particular an art quilt artist? First and foremost, it's the natural world.  My studio in the western North Carolina Mountains provides unending visual inspiration for my painted quilts. The way the light and shadows play in the trees and on the mountain outside my front door; observing the diverse species of birds that sing around my feeders, watching butterflies feed in my garden--these things bring me joy and creativity.

I am intrigued by found objects, things most people would simply throw away. I include them in my art quilts for a very unusual effect. See how old computer parts and cancelled stamps become art materials in my quilted wall hangings.

Sometimes things in life happen that interrupt my best laid plans, a friend's illness or a reminder of mother earth's fragility. The results are very personal art quilts, quilts that heal, that provide shields of protection.

© 2015 Bernie Rowell
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